Avengers Project

Marvel’s Avengers will soon return to the world of video games, courtesy of a partnership between the comic-book giant and Square-Enix.

The two companies have reportedly come together to make a number of games in the Marvel universe, with the first being based upon The Avengers. The teaser video for the project (embedded below) bears allusions to The Incredible Hulk, Thor, Iron Man, and Captain America, thereby incorporating the major members of the team in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Whether the games will be tied to the Marvel movies in any way is not yet clear, though Marvel’s press release refers to the game as “a completely original story.”

Few details of the games have been announced, but the trailer does reveal that the first game, currently referred to as The Avengers Project, will be developed through a collaborative effort between Square-Enix’s headline Western studios, Crystal Dynamics (Rise of the Tomb Raider) and Eidos Montreal (Deus Ex: Mankind Divided).

Given that neither a release date or intended platforms have yet been announced, and more information will not be forthcoming until 2018, these new Avengers projects are likely a long way from completion.

This latest partnership is one of several through which Marvel is making in-roads into the gaming industry. Sony and Insomniac Games announced a Spider-Man game at E3 last year, while Telltale Games announced an upcoming series based on the Guardians of the Galaxy at The Game Awards 2016. Although these projects are all being developed concurrently, no developer has yet confirmed whether they will be connected in some way or not.

In addition to The Avengers Project, Crystal Dynamics and Eidos Montreal are rumoured to also be collaborating on a third entry in the rebooted Tomb Raider series, called Shadow of the Tomb Raider, though the series’ writer, Rhianna Pratchett, is no longer involved.

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