Final Fantasy VII Version of Tifa

Square Enix has switched Tifa’s wardrobe in the upcoming Final Fantasy VII Remake on advice from its ethics department.

In an interview with Japanese publication Famitsu, game director Testuya Nomura spoke about the changes made to the character. These changes were the result of a discussion between the development team and the company’s ethics department. The aim seems to have been to bring Tifa in line with modern standards and ensure her look appears realistic.

“Our ethics department had asked that we make sure that her top wasn’t loose so that her chest wouldn’t come off as unnatural during heavy action sequences,” said Nomura. “So we took her simplistic upper body clothing and added black undergarments and made it a tank top so that it fits her body well, resulting in a fit and sporty design.”

Readers initially had some confusion over whether the change was to the character’s body rather than just her outfit. A more accurate translation from Twitter user Gaijinhunter clarified that the only design switch was to her clothing. has since confirmed this with other Japanese speakers.

According to Square Enix, the ethics group is an internal team within the company that helps to make sure titles will hit their relevant age ratings in different markets. In a statement issued to Polygon they explained that the group “evaluates game content to make sure it is aligned with the anticipated age ratings standards across the globe (CERO, ESRB, PEGI, etc).”

Final Fantasy VII Remake is due to arrive on PlayStation 4 on March 3, 2020. A new trailer and details about the different special edition versions of the game were shown during this year’s E3.

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