Like Hitman: Absolution, Ubisoft Toronto have employed a more action focused marketing campaign with Splinter Cell: Blacklist much to the dismay of long term fans, and stealth fanatics. However, with early reviews for Agent 47’s outing proving that killing from the shadows is as prevalent as ever, could Ubisoft’s promotion of violence in Sam Fisher’s adventure simply be a cover-up?

This new trailer, titled ‘Closer Than Ever’, aims to show players how intimate encounters will prove to be, with Fisher tailing a target through a deserted industrial complex before dragging him into the shadows to end the process with a judo punch straight to the chops.

It’s certainly more Sam Fisher than we’ve been used to in previous trailers, but the gameplay on show is hardly groundbreaking or revolutionary. However, with the trailer being one of many in what’s likely to become an extended series, we hope to see more surprises along the way.

We’ll make sure to keep all of you updated as the trailers are released, but until then, do you think the removal of Michael Ironside as Sam Fisher will affect player’s connections with the character? I for one was disappointed to find him no longer attached to the franchise, although the public have been reassured that this will make way for a more convincing ‘performance’. Are you satisfied, or do you think the project should be Blacklisted?

Daniel Martyniuk
Editor for Only Single Player - Daniel likes Single Player experiences so much, he once locked himself in his room for a year without food or water to pay homage to the solo adventure. Now back from the dead, Daniel can often be found perusing over the latest developments within the industry, whilst celebrating after successfuly completing XCOM: Enemy Unknown on Classic Ironman. Suck on that aliens! You can also follow and harrass me on Twitter @DanMightyNuke. Let me know what you think of the solo experience!

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