Splinter Cell: Blacklist has held a bit of a contentious place in stealth-gaming-fans’ hearts, after the moves Conviction made towards making Sam Fisher a murder machine. If you want some of your fears allayed, watch the video below, which covers the first 15 minutes of Splinter Cell: Blacklist.

You can see examples of the return to form for Fisher as he sneaks around pretty bad dudes. The signature green light on Sam’s back is the signal for being hidden this time, rather than the black and white wash that demonstrated it in Conviction.

Also returning from Conviction are the interesting projected message system of delivering hints to players. We also see a return of the cover system, with Sam dashing between chest high ledges away from prying eyes.

Luckily, there is the option for non-lethal takedowns, and you can apparently toggle between lethal and non-lethal at will. They look delightfully crunchy. Unconscious guards can still be a threat, though, as patrolling soldiers can find and wake them up.

According to the commenter, you can choose between ghost, panther, and assault gameplay styles, choosing how much you want to engage the enemy.

Story-wise, we begin as Sam is leaving a military base in Guam, just before it gets exploded to bits. His helicopter crashes, and Sam and his friend Vic find themselves unarmed outside the enemy infested base. There is the obligatory stealth tutorial part, and then we leap into the care of Fourth Echelon, whose job it is to put an end to the Blacklist attacks, organised by The Engineers.

Splinter Cell: Blacklist is coming out August 20th in NA, 22nd in Aus, 23rd in EU, and September 5 in Japan.

Source: Tetraninja

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