Spleen is a crowdfunded upcoming 2D adventure game by Pamplemousse Games, with the title seeking to bridge the gap between life sim and action RPG.

Self-described as a “2D action RPG & life sim video game about childhood nostalgia,” Spleen‘s developer has used its disparate genres as metanarratives for adulthood and childhood. The life sim portion of the game will follow the protagonist, Johann, and his daily life as a “disenchanted young man feeling the weight and responsibilities of [adulthood].” The action RPG segments, meanwhile, take place in somewhere called Kid World.

In Kid World, Johann assumes the form of his childhood self. Here, players must fight back a malevolent force known as the Spleen, which feeds and contributes to Johann’s melancholy. Balancing Johann’s needs in the life sim portion of the game aids the player’s advancements in Kid World. The careful balance between these genres is all parcelled in a gorgeous watercolour aesthetic which shifts distinctly between the game’s parallel stories.

Currently, the project is seeking GBP£51,322 in funding, with the amount pledged sitting at just over £11,000. For those interested in Spleen, be sure to check out the Kickstarter. The trailer is embedded below, too, for those who are (somehow) unconvinced:

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Ben Newman

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