Following its announcement at Focus Home Interactive’s ‘le What’s Next de Focus’ event last week, the new RPG from Spiders, GreedFall, has received its debut teaser trailer.

As showcased in the trailer embedded below, the visual aesthetic of GreedFall is inspired by Baroque European art of the 17th century, focusing on the portrayal of epic scenery while using a muted colour palette. Beyond the look, however, the trailer gives away little beyond a rural, pre-modern fantasy setting.

The game casts players as one of number of new settlers on a previously unexplored island, rumoured to be home to treasure and other tantalising secrets.

Gameplay will draw on the long tradition of choice within RPGs, providing players with the options of combat, diplomacy, deception, and stealth in many of the quests of GreedFall. Furthermore, the developers promise that the player’s actions will have an impact on the overarching storyline, as well as the balance between the various factions that have taken up residence on the island.

What little has been revealed of the story seems to have post-colonial overtones, as the new settlers, accompanied by mercenaries and treasure hunters, inevitably clash with the local populations. This synopsis suggests a strong engagement with ideas of the after-effects of colonisation, which continue to be of considerable importance in the real world in places such as the Pacific Islands, India, and Australia.

Spiders has considerable experience in developing RPGs, with Bound By Flame and The Technomancer being the developer’s most recent credits, while the team has also collaborated with Cyanide on Of Orcs and Men.

GreedFall will continue the long-standing partnership between Spiders and Focus Home Interactive, and is currently targeting a 2018 release on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

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Damien Lawardorn
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