Spider-Man‘s map has apparently leaked in a new video, suggesting that some segments may take place outside Manhattan.

Bryan Intihar, the game’s director, has previously said that the game will not allow players off the island, but the video, embedded below, includes some less detailed mappings of Brooklyn, New Jersey, and Queens. While these areas could simply be background detail (particularly given their greyed-out appearance), they could also imply the potential of specific story beats taking place outside of Manhattan or the possibility of post-release expansions.

Full map size

Manhattan will certainly be the foundation for the game, with no official confirmation that players can explore these other areas of New York. Harlem is notably absent, with the map cutting off above a truncated Central Park. The Avengers Tower, too, appears roughly where New York’s East 303 83rd Apartments building is situated, a few blocks east of the game’s location of the Museum of Modern Art, judging by a recent video.

The areas of the map, with New Jersey to the left, Brooklyn to the lower right, and Queens to the upper right, contain some smaller details such as bridges and buildings, implying some form of connectivity to Manhattan. However, major areas—such as Governor’s Island (also glimpsed in the aforementioned video)—lack any notable features. The Statue of Liberty also seems to be entirely absent, though that may be because the video does not show that far south. The tertiary areas on the map are embedded below, beginning with New Jersey, then Brooklyn, then Queens:

New Jersey brooklyn queens

Spider-Man will launch September 7 on PlayStation 4.

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