Video games are awesome. Everything is awesome. Things are just great.

Video games are a multi-billion dollar industry. We’re at a time where video game creators are taking home more money than at any other point in the history of humankind. Big studios create and sell gigantic blockbusters that capture the entire world’s imagination. Publishers invest that money back into the games industry through employing developers to create more projects, ensuring that developers remain fed and players remain entertained. Indie developers are able to create and release small works of passion and love. Indies can distribute them to a massive audience through independent digital distribution platforms like Steam, Desura, and Humble, or by partnering with major platform holders like Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo. Indie devs get fed and pay rent with regularity.

Video games are awesome. Money is awesome.

Video games of all types can be released and appreciated within an appropriate niche. Big blockbuster releases like Grand Theft Auto and Call of Duty can be enjoyed by mainstream audiences, filling the popcorn entertainment role that ensures non-core gamers can enjoy something fun a few times a year. Likewise, online games like DOTA II and League of Legends have a massive global eSports audience, catering to competitive gamers. Mobile platforms like iOS and Android are enabling those who want some light occasional entertainment to engage in fun puzzles and short, easily digestible snippets of on-the-go gameplay. Deeper, time consuming titles like RPGs and RTSs fill the time for those who desire a more intellectual exercise. And thoughtful, emotional storytelling experiences like Gone Home and To The Moon satisfy a more artistically inclined audience. Not to mention the countless free browser based flash games that relieve a bored afternoon.

Video games are awesome. Variety is awesome.

Video games are now catering to wider and wider demographics, bringing more and more diversity into the gaming space. Games are frequently becoming less “for x” and more “for everyone” to enjoy. Diverse voices with interesting opinions and views are creating games and allowing their creative talents to express wider truths that everyone can accept. Strongly written women are slowly evolving out of the historically weak narrative position that past games often relegated them to, and queer relationships in games are becoming visible. We’re seeing more and more games being made for a larger, more inclusive audience, and that’s great.

Video games are awesome. Diversity is awesome.

Video games have a wonderful, thriving, diverse community. From attendance at conventions to visible presence on gaming websites, the community around video games is growing larger and more supportive of diverse and fringe issues. Individuals in the community are capable of so much positivity and support for creators and each other, helping them up when others are struck down, and lending a hand where needed. A large community that embraces the positive elements of video games is valuable and powerful, ensuring that creators feel liked, respected, and supported.

Video games are awesome. Everything is awesome. Things are just great.

Just remember to pay no attention to the man behind the curtain.

Lachlan Williams
Former Editor in Chief of OnlySP. A guy who writes things about stuff, apparently. Recovering linguist, blue pencil surgeon, and professional bishie sparkler. In between finding the latest news, reviewing PC games, and generally being a grumpy bossyboots, he likes to watch way too much Judge Judy. He perhaps has too much spare time on his hands. Based in Sydney, Australia. Follow him on twitter @lawksland.

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