Errrr, whoops.

Basically I miscounted stuff and apparently I am still in China! So no Only Speaking Professionally this week again either.

Between dodging earthquakes, dengue mosquitoes, blisters, having no computer, more dengue mosquitoes, oppressive censorship, firewalls, human faeces, chefs with horrible hygiene practices, and now violent protests(?!) I’ve been a little slammed. So sorry.

Instead, try this fantastic article about Gone Home by Cara Ellison maybe? I promise it’s worth the read.

Back next week (hopefully).

And TGS roundup is coming soon too, I promise!

Lachlan Williams
Former Editor in Chief of OnlySP. A guy who writes things about stuff, apparently. Recovering linguist, blue pencil surgeon, and professional bishie sparkler. In between finding the latest news, reviewing PC games, and generally being a grumpy bossyboots, he likes to watch way too much Judge Judy. He perhaps has too much spare time on his hands. Based in Sydney, Australia. Follow him on twitter @lawksland.

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