Despite belonging to a niche franchise and being released unprecedentedly late on the PlayStation 2, Atlus’ crowning achievement Persona 4 was a great success both critically and commercially. In 2012, at the surprising height of Persona 4 saturation (new action figures, live shows, a fighting game, an anime, and a porn all released four years after the game, what), Atlus released an enhanced port for the PlayStation Vita.

To say I dug it would be an understatement: it’s one of my favorite games except better and now I can bring it with me wherever I go. One of the aspects I wasn’t particularly keen on at first was the change of battle music, but it really grew on me after an hour or two. Now, I love it. That delightful synth line and the heavily accented English are perhaps the highlights of the track. And hearing the chorus kick in right as your team expertly wipes the floor with a group of enemies never ceases to amuse.

It’s just a great song, and I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

Mike Cosimano
Mike Cosimano resides in the coldest part of an area known for its already frigid temperatures, where he complains that every game isn't just Spider-Man 2 again. He also enjoys podcasting and being confused by PC gaming in his spare time. You can talk to him if you want to hear about his Fast and Furious crossover fan fiction.

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