Whether you enjoy the Halo games, appreciate them from afar, or despise Bungie’s wildly successful first person shooter franchise, you have to admit one thing: it’s got some fantastic music. Apparently, this will continue with Bungie’s wildly anticipated Destiny.

Initially, there appears to be a Ben Prunty-lite electronica influence, but that doesn’t last. But it only takes a few seconds before Martin O’Donnell’s beloved epic, sweeping orchestra kicks in. At 1:06, when the violins and chorus take over, it becomes clear the man who composed the iconic Halo theme is back.

If this is any indicator of how the full soundtrack will sound, we’re in for a real treat. Can you imagine fighting in a Bungie-developed combat sandbox with a track like this playing in the background? What do you guys think?

Mike Cosimano
Mike Cosimano resides in the coldest part of an area known for its already frigid temperatures, where he complains that every game isn't just Spider-Man 2 again. He also enjoys podcasting and being confused by PC gaming in his spare time. You can talk to him if you want to hear about his Fast and Furious crossover fan fiction.

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