Ready for some Dubstep? One of the most talked about moments in Far Cry 3 was the segment in the game where you take a flamethrower and cause untold havoc throughout the pirate owned drug fields. Many people on Youtube and other forms who usually complain to the heavens about Dubstep’s music totally fell in love with this song due to the fact at how well it fit in with the gameplay. Take a listen below.

Nick Calandra
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  1. this kinda well not ruined the game for me but soiled it a little when i got to this part with its feel of survival on the rest of the game this mission was stupid and kinda took away from survival feel and it didn’t help with jason saying “DIS IS AWESOME” -___- just felt really childish and stupid.

    1. But it was his turning point from being scared about everything to embracing it and falling in line with the rest of the corrupted inhabitants of the island.

      1. true but i wish they did that later in the game after vaas maybe. still mission was stupid fun :P

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