No, this isn’t Christian rock.

Alan Wake’s American Nightmare is basically Alan Wake 1.5 in all but name. It tells a fairly self-contained tale, but it takes place in an alternate dimension introduced in Alan Wake ruled by a character explored in the previous game’s DLC. There’s some baggage here, to be sure.

One of the neat little touches from the previous game was the original songs performed by the Finnish band Poets of the Fall under the in-universe pseudonym Old Gods of Asgard. The Poet and the Muse was an in-game plot point with a chilling guitar solo, and Children of the Elder God…well, I’m fairly certain that one will come up later. Both songs were excellent, so I was quite happy to see this wonderful tune continue the tradition.

Balance Slays the Demon is more of a cheesy power ballad, instead of the hair metal stylings of its brother Children of the Elder God or the haunting melodic exposition of its sister The Poet and the Muse. It’s just an absolute joy to hear…whoever the frontman for PotF is scream at the top of his lungs while…whoever the lead guitarist for PotF is just go crazy with the strings. The throaty spoken lyrics, the backwards Alan Wake 2 foreshadowing, it’s all great stuff. Balance Slays the Demon is available for purchase on iTunes, because I know you want to get it legally.

Mike Cosimano
Mike Cosimano resides in the coldest part of an area known for its already frigid temperatures, where he complains that every game isn't just Spider-Man 2 again. He also enjoys podcasting and being confused by PC gaming in his spare time. You can talk to him if you want to hear about his Fast and Furious crossover fan fiction.

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