Sony has just launched Third Party Productions, a new group that will work with third party devs to bring their IP to Sony’s platforms. The program’s director, Gio Corsi, announced the launch on the Playstation Blog. He stated that:

“This means you’ll see even more great games on PlayStation platforms, including new IPs, ports and localized products. In addition, our partners who are currently in production will have us as a resource to strengthen their development process, ensuring quality and consistency on all third party projects.”

Corsi also said that PlayStation users should give him comments on what games they’d like to see published on the PS3, PS4 or PS Vita via his Twitter or the comment section.

Releasing Borderlands 2 for the PS Vita was made possible by Third Party Productions. What do you think? What games would you like to see on the PS3, PS Vita or PS4? Persona 4 Golden on PS3? Gravity Rush on PS4? Heavy Rain on PS Vita?

Let us know in the comments or forums!

Source: PS Blog

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