Unfortunate news for Sony Santa Monica studio landed on Tuesday when 50 of its staff were laid off. It has been recently revealed that they were working on a brand new IP that has since been cancelled.

The project was to be an open-world sci-fi game penned by Battlestar Galactica writer Michael Angeli. The game, which was described as “unique” by an informant on Twitter, was set to be revealed during E3 2014. The various tweets pertaining to the all of this leaked info have been collected in a Reddit post, which can be read here.

Sony Santa Monica had been split into three teams prior to the layoffs, and the one working on this new IP was nicknamed the “Stigs Team” due to it being led by Stig Asmussen, creative director of God of War III. He and his team have reportedly been working on this new game ever since GoW III shipped, meaning four years of hard work were poured into the game before its cancellation.

This would mean that there are two remaining teams at the studio. One of the groups worked on last year’s God of War: Ascension and are rumored to have begun work on another God of War game, while the other is headed by God of War II director Cory Barlog and are said to have started yet another new IP last year.

As always, our hearts go out to all those who were victim of these layoffs, and we sincerely hope they go on to find good work elsewhere. Whatever this sci-fi project was, chances are we’ll see info about it gradually spill out to the public over time.

Michael Urban
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  1. What I am wondering is why would Sony shutter an IP and a team after FOUR YEARS??!! Either the IP was too big, or it wasn’t actually working well. I honestly can think of no other reasons it would be killed off…

    1. It was too similar to Destiny thats why they had to shut it down.

    2. According to some other reports coming out it wasn’t working well ha. Might as well kill it before more resources are used up for a doomed project. Hopefully they’ll take our idea and make a Open-World Nordic RPG! ;P

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