Sony, like Microsoft, tend to buy up multiple domains when they’re making games. While any publicist will tell you that it’s all part of marketing strategy for the company, it way more fun to speculate. According to VG247, we have some possible news on both The Last of Us, in terms of a sequel, and a new IP: The Order: 1886.

Multiple domains for The Order have been filed by SCEA,,,,, and  Those domains were also registered where Guerrilla Games HQ is located which is a bit of a coincidence since they’re working on a new IP.

On that same note, Sony has also registered domains for The Last of Us 2 and The Last of Us 3 which may not mean anything until we actually play the first game. Depending on how it ends or how the universe plays out, there could be plenty of material for a sequel. There are other people after the apocalypse we see in game play videos, after all,

Source: VG247

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