Sony Computer Entertainment Europe Limited has filed a trademark application for “Resistance”, specifically related to video games. The last time we saw the Resistance series was Resistance: Burning Skies for the PS Vita, and the last time we saw it on the PS3 was Resistance 3 in 2011.

It’s possible that the trademark application indicates a return to the series with a new game entirely or perhaps just an HD remaster of the series for the PS4. However, the series’ original developer, Insomniac, would likely not be working on the project as they have already said they have moved on from the IP, so Sony would have to hand off the IP to another studio.

In all likelihood, this move is just to save the trademark in case Sony ever wants to return to the IP rather than confirmation that a new title is in the works so don’t get your hopes up too high. Also be sure to follow OnlySP on Facebook and Twitter to be up to date if there is any more news about the Resistance franchise.

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  1. Hmmmm…being that it was claimed by Sony Europe it’s possible that Resistance 4 and/or the PS4 remasters of 1-3 are the secret projects GG London is working on. They did mention they were working on award winning IP and if it were just remasters of the KZ franchise I don’t know that they would be that secretive about it.

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