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Sony Bend still has quite a bit of time before Days Gone launches, but, if a new job listing means anything, then the team may already have its next game in the works.

Reddit user NinjaBabyZed shed light on the post for a new gameplay programmer this past week. The assumption would be that this post is just for a new employee to help with Days Gone, but a few indications point to a new game entirely.

To begin with, the listing blatantly calls the project a “new AAA PlayStation 4 exclusive.” While a chance exists that this could be a reference to Days Gone, further down under the senior animation programmer description, the project is referred to as “working title.” However, multiple other listings specifically mention Days Gone, suggesting that it remains a priority for the studio.

Many fans are pulling for Sony Bend to return to its Syphon Filter series, while others feel this new project may mean trouble for Days Gone. Either way, with E3 just around the corner, details on Sony Bend’s development and release timeline may not be too far away.

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