Sonic seems to have gotten himself out of the ditch he’s been stuck in lately and has promised to speed along at a good rate from now on. However, its apparently not fast enough for Sega, considering the financial trouble they’ve been in lately. As such, its been rumored that come 2014, Sonic will have a complete reboot that essentially starts the franchise from scratch.

The rumors come from an inside source who spoke to Sonic fansite TSSZ. He stated that the game will be open-world and will present “a whole new universe for Sonic to do battle and new characters for him to befriend… in effect destroying most canon that precedes the relaunch and wiping the slate nearly clean.” He also stated that they wanted to experiment with new gameplay mechanics, though he didn’t touch on what those might be.

The site went on to speculate that the mission structure would follow a layout similar to Burnout Paradise, where the worlds are interconnected and missions would play out in the open world. They also stated that Sega would plan to monetize the reboot by connecting it with a toy line; “An example would be to purchase a Knuckles statue in order to gain the echidna as a playable character in-game… the strategy could also be used to unlock extra levels.” This is very similar to what was used in Spyro’s recent Skylanders game, and it turned out to be a good business strategy if nothing else.

If it is coming in 2014, there’s a good chance the game will release on next-gen consoles. Are you guys ready for such a dramatic makeover for the blue hedgehog? If not, you still have 2 years to savor the taste of modern Sonic.


Michael Urban
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  1. Wow, if they fully reboot the Sonic franchise into a triple AAA game… WHy haven't they done this sooner? I mean, Sonic is huge, but crap games have just gotten in the way. This could turn out to be among the best VG franchises… again.

  2. Dang!!! SEGA, Sonic doesn't need a reboot, it needs a new, good style of gameplay!! Gosh!!! Also, I don't think that Sonic want a new makeover, I like the way he is. The Sonic's Fan Base out there, maybe are agree with me. OH, If they want to make an open world style, I prefer Burnout Paradise, based on missions, Not Spyro Skylanders, it doesn't fit with Sonic, or combining the 2 elements, by adding Acts and Missions at once inside that open world.

  3. Spyro's reboot (Skylanders) worked well. If they tone down the speed in Sonic, or just plain remove it, I would enjoy it. Sonic would be good without the rush.
    All in all, it needs a reboot. The current games are not that good, with the exceptions od the just "good" Generations and Colours.

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