Sniper Ghost Warrior Contracts

Players of Sniper Ghost Warrior Contracts have a new weapon and multiple weapons skins to experiment with following the game’s first free DLC drop.

Within this first pack, players will find the Summer’s Nostalgia and Positive Vibes weapon skins, for a total of eight new looks in all.

Meanwhile, the KELL-T 12 gauge semi-automatic shotgun has also been added to spice up players’ arsenals.

OnlySP’s Damien Lawardorn recently reviewed the most recent Sniper Ghost Warrior title. He praised CI Game’s ability to deliver a satisfying core sniping experience. However, bugs and a few oversights riddle the title’s release.

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John McCool
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  1. Hi there I have a question for you guys, how does the sniping in sniper gw contracts compare to sniping in ghost recon breakpoint? I really enjoyed being very sniper like in gr breakpoint and I’m probably one of the few that thought breakpoint was a very good game.

    1. I haven’t personally played Breakpoint, so can’t comment on a direct comparison. I can tell you that sniping in Contracts is absolutely sublime, but the game isn’t so great when you have to get up close and personal with enemies.

  2. hi the new DLC shotgun is not available on PS4 it seems actually none of the DLC is available on PS4 is it coming to console or is it just a PC exclusive

    1. That’s odd. There’s no mention anywhere I can see that it’s PC exclusive. Console players might just have to hang tight or hit up the developers on Twitter directly to find out the situation.

      1. Just noticed Xbox has it as well oddly I just want the keltec lol I personally own one in real life and would love to have it in the game.not sure why PS4 is still blank on the add-on page for this game.

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