Eurogamer has just discovered that Sniper Elite 3 comes with quite the hefty day one patch.

Apparently, when you start up Sniper Elite III for the first time, you’ll be prompted with a 10GB update that you’ll need to download before you begin the game. Rebellion notes that the patch does bring a few improvements, including reducing the install size of the game down from 21GBs to 19GBs

Rebellion explained the reasoning for the patch saying, “The main part of the update is to sync data between the game’s retail discs and the Xbox Live digital download edition of the game. In the several weeks between sending the code off to manufacture and release, rather than sit around or take a break, we’ve continued to work on the game, making improvements and optimisations.”

Rebellion also apologized to those with slower download speeds who will have to wait at least a few more hours after purchasing the game to start it up and play it. The development team explains, “While we understand gamers will be frustrated at the wait, the good news is that the update will actually reduce the size of the game’s total install footprint on their hard drive, and reduce the size of future patches significantly. It’s part of this ongoing optimisation process that’s enabled Sniper Elite 3 to perform well at a native 1080p on both Xbox One and PS4. We appreciate everyone’s patience and we firmly believe Sniper Elite 3 will be worth the wait!”

We should have a review ready for Sniper Elite III by the time the game releases, so be sure to follow us on Facebook and Twitter to stay up to date with all the latest.


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  1. Honestly, this shouldn’t even be news anymore. Day one patches are becoming standard because they simply make the game better.

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