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SNES Super Stars is a speedrunning marathon to showcase the best in — you guessed it — Super Nintendo games. This and the upcoming RPG Limit Break ‘thons are perhaps the biggest events outside of Awesome and Summer Games Done Quick. SNES Super Stars begins tomorrow, March 11th at 10 AM PST and runs through Sunday the 20th. That’s more than seven days and 130 speedruns of some of the best and occasionally the worst games from what is arguably the best console, certainly cartridge-based, of all time (Bring it!).

Speedrun marathons are, for the most part, a community-driven celebration of single player gaming. Sure, the odd co-op game or playthrough will be there, but these events essentially focus on single player games. They will often turn these into multi-player events by holding speedrun races, and there are quire a few interesting ones being held over the course of the event. Check out the full SNES Super Stars Marathon schedule for the full list.
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Some of the highlights include the Final Fantasy Mystic Quest, FFIV, FFV, Chrono Trigger, and Super Mario RPG races, the Super Star Wars Trilogy, and Super Metroid. If you pay any attention to speedrunning or are interested in it, there are some big names represented here. The event is at least partially organized by feasel, known for numerous original NES world records — he’ll be running BlackThorne. Sinister1 is running TMNT IV: Turtles in Time, while zallard1 takes on Super Punch-Out!! and zoast attacks Super Metroid which he currently owns the world record in. Other names to look for are Straevaras, MechaRichter, Omnigamer and puwexil closes the show with Final Fantasy VI. It’s truly a fantastic line-up of runners and games.

Speedruns have fascinated me for a long time now. Growing up my friends and I would often challenge each other to see who could get through a game, or sections of a game, the fastest. Now speedrunning takes all of the joy of childhood and present day video games, deconstructs, exploits, and totally obliterates them with some mind-blowingly quick times. As I mentioned in previous pieces on the two biggest speedrunning marathons, AGDQ and SGDQ, Doom was really the true beginning of the “speedrun” as we know it today. Youtube and Twitch have helped to spread the phenomenon to where it is presently and marathons showcase the best in players, games and what the gaming community at large is really about.

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