For all Elder Scrolls: Skyrim fans who have been waiting for a reason to yell “Fus-Ro-Dah!” more often, Bethesda announced that the Xbox 360 version of Skyrim is slated to receive a free title update this month that will give players the ability to use voice commands in the game, including the game’s signature dragon shouts.

According to the Bethesda blog, the Kinect integration will allow user to use voice commands for hotkey equipping, follower commands, and menus. The complete list of more than 200 commands is expected to be revealed soon.

Skyrim will likely have more big news in the coming weeks; Bethesda Game Studios is working to create the first set of add-ons for the game. This additional content will be available exclusively to the Xbox 360 and tacks on some new quests, features, and more.

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Josh Schultze

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  1. To me this just sounds lame. MS is really struggling to get core gamers to buy into Kinect. It is a cool piece of tech but this is definitely not something that would make me want one. 

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