Yesterday, OnlySP reported that Skyrim DLC news could be only a week away. But for one Bethesda forum user, this wasn’t soon enough – the user scanned patch files (1.5.26) for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, and found a few gems: several files contain “SnowElfPrince,” perhaps implying that Skyrim‘s anticipated expansion could focus on the forgotten race of Snow Elves.

If Snow Elves don’t sound familiar, that may be because they exist now, after persecution and enslavement, as Falmer – blind creatures found deep in Dwemer ruins. The Snow Elf Prince and the Snow Elves themselves could be featured as a primary quest in the DLC.

Other files in the patch read “CrossBow,” which means crossbows could become equippable weapons in the DLC.

Hopefully official Skyrim news will surface next week so these findings can be verified. More potential DLC content could be content featured in this video from Todd Howard’s DICE 2012 Keynote address.


Josh Schultze

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