In case you’re in need of a fresh copy of Skyrim, it pays to invest in the newly released Skyrim Legendary Edition. The June 4th, 2013 release includes the base Skyrim game plus all the DLC packs for $59.99, but on the PC it got a whole lot cheaper.

Today at 10AM Pacific GameFly dropped the price down to $39.99 in their latest midweek “Bethesda Sale“. That $20 off instant discount makes the game cheaper than it’s ever been before by $10, but on top of that we found a coupon. Enter the code GFDJUL20 at checkout and you’ll get an additional 20% off, which in turn makes Skyrim Legendary Edition only $31.99. That’s almost half price less than a month after release.

Admittedly Skyrim’s been out since 11/11/11, but it’s surprising if you consider that Skyrim’s $60 list price was steady for almost a year and a half before there were discounts.

In addition to the big Legendary Edition price drop there are several other Bethesda games that can take advantage of this instant savings + coupon discount. For instance, the Skyrim base game alone is $15.99 (normally $30), Fallout 3: GOTY is $7.99 (normally $20), and Oblivion is also only $7.99 (normally $20).

Skyrim Legendary Edition and all of the Bethesda titles in GameFly’s sale activate on Steam.

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