Graphics mods have continued to make Skyrim a much prettier game over the years since its 2011 release. This latest rendition of the ENB mod pushes the game to next-gen levels and honestly, it’s pushing me to play the game again just to experience the beautiful visuals. Check out the video below, and let us know your thoughts if you’ve already tried the mod or plan to now that you’ve seen it.

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Nick Calandra
OnlySP founder and former site owner.

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  1. Seriously, I don’t even like Elder Scrolls, but DEM GRAFIX!

  2. I actually have tried it, and while it was very pretty … my graphics card was not powerful enough to run it and all the other mods that I had installed. So, I’m going to wait until I have a better card before attempting it again.

  3. Yep its very purdy but I am so burned out on Skyrim.

  4. There was a modder by the name of Unreal that ran up to 100 mods at once, including an early version of ENB. That coupled with 4kx4k textures and upgraded meshes made for some of the best looking screenshots I’ve ever seen. Couldn’t even tell it was a video game.

  5. To be honest I prefer the Skyrim old fashion way. Some of those mods are making the lore very hard to look at. Like the body mods where women are a rip off from porn movies. Graphics are not the most important things in game. In the next TES Im hoping for more rpg, gameplay and realistic life improvements. Everything from previous games should be improved dramaticly. There should be a pet mode, where you can raise a dog or a cat from baby to fully adult beast. Ive could talk for hours what they should do in the next chapter but thats not the point in here. The point is: Graphics wont make next TES amazing if they dont improve rpg and gameplay elements.

    1. Quit being a bitch and trying to convince yourself that a game isn’t better when it looks 20 times better. The only reason you could think of is “the chicks are too hot they distract me.” Graphics don’t make a game amazing, but better graphics make an already amazing game better.

    2. Watch the personal attacks please. This is your first warning.

      1. Watch the personal attacks please. This is your first warning.

    3. eh hem do you even mod bro you can get all of these shit you want if you mod the fucking game

    4. Well, you can always just activate an ENB mod without adding body mods. That said, I must say that ENB made Skyrim lose its visual identity. At some points it felt like playing Crysis, because of the similar lighting. It’s gorgeous to look at, but it loses that cold moody vibe the original graphics gave you.
      I also believe that Elder Scrolls VI will look worse than an ENB modified Skyrim. Maybe I will be proven wrong. We’ll see.
      I also agree in your rpg / gameplay points. Which is why Witcher III will blow the ES series out of the water (pity it’s the last one, though).

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