Skyblivion, the fan-made mod of The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion on the Skyrim Creation Engine, is making great progress thanks to generous volunteers.

Although Skyblivion has no release date as yet, the TES Renewal team has said that the creation of the mod has seen significant advancement over the past two months.  

TES Renewal has uploaded its first update video of the year, and with plenty of gameplay streaming, Skyblivion still seems as promising as it did two years ago.

Watch the first update video here:

The mammoth mod has taken volunteer developers the better part of four years, and with the most recent updates found on the TESR: Skyblivion facebook, Skyblivion is beginning to look as though the project will be a major hit with fans of The Elder Scrolls series.

According to the official website, users of the mod will be able to select which components they would like installed. Features that players will be able to choose from include armour and weapon overhauls, interior overhauls, and landscape overhauls, ensuring that user experience runs as smoothly as possible.

Similar to Skywind, Skyblivion will be free for players. However, users will require both of the original games, Oblivion and Skyrim, in order for the installer to work.

Following the remaster of Skyrim, fans are eagerly awaiting the announcement for the highly-anticipated The Elder Scrolls VI, although players can expect a long wait as Bethesda works on other projects.

Hopefully, with both Skywind and Skyblivion on the horizons, fans of the series will be kept occupied until the eventual release of the sixth installment.

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Jayde Baguley
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