Well, a long time has past since I last posted here, hey? Can’t believe almost three years have gone since I last posted a site update here.

Since I have been gone, the site has seen several key staff changes, two new Editors in Chief, and a bunch of other things. Damien and Rhain have both done an admiral job of running the site since I left to work on Gameumentary.

Stepping into a role of running a website is no easy task if you have never done it before, and I am proud of what Damien and Rhain have accomplished with their time here. They have kept the ship afloat, and have made sure that people who like single player games have a place to call home.

However, now is the time for OnlySP to make a comeback. With Damien having stepped down as Editor in Chief a few months ago, Rhain is actually the first person to ever run the site that I didn’t personally handpick to do so. And so that’s why I have returned for the next few months.

We all want OnlySP to flourish and become the haven and authority for single player video games coverage, and I intend to help Rhain and the team get the site back to that point.

First of all, you’ve probably noticed the site looks a little bit different. We’ve updated our look to reflect the restructure that we will be going through over the next few months. Along with a redesign of the core structure of the site, we’ve also rebranded a little bit.

Our social pages have also been updated to have more consistent branding. We’re still using the same logo for the most part, but updated to be a bit more stylish and reflect our desire to get back to covering more than just AAA games and the occasional indie. Readers used to come to OnlySP every day to read about new and exciting projects they’ve never heard about, and we’re going to get back to providing coverage like that again.

Our intention to significantly increase our news production again, focusing on the stories and games that nobody else is paying attention to. We also plan to bring back interviews again on a regular basis to introduce you to developers from all over the world working on exciting projects. In general, you should expect an uptick in coverage from us over the next few months.

We’re going to take a bit of time to make these changes happen, and we’re going to need new writers to come aboard and help us do it.

So if you’re interested in joining up to write about single player games, pop an email over to rhain at onlysp dot com to throw your name in the hat (Attn: Helping OnlySP!). We’re looking for everyone. Features, opinions, news, reviews. If you’re interested in writing, get in touch.

Rhain and I will keep you updated more regularly over the next few months as we restructure OnlySP.

We’re excited about the future of the site and we hope you’ll join us along for the ride. By the time 2019 rolls around, OnlySP should be a well-oiled machine again bringing you all the latest on the single player games.

Also, games media, if you’re reading this…no, single player games aren’t dying anytime soon.

– Nick Calandra (Founder of OnlySP)

Nick Calandra
OnlySP founder and former site owner.

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