The days are getting shorter, the leaves will start the change and we will soon be inside playing Grand Theft Auto V. Yes folks, it’s finally September and there’s been a few changes here at OnlySP. We’ve a new weekly column and we also have two new writers on the site; Peter Carl and Matt Bianucci! Welcome to the site, guys! So let’s get started on what else happened during the week at OnlySP..

News, Editorials & Reviews

Microsoft announced this week that Xbox One will be released on November 22nd, 2013. That makes November a very big month in the world of gaming with a lot of triple A releasing and both the Xbox One and Playstation 4 coming out. I’m looking forward to the month as competition between companies is always welcomed. Xbox One’s release date is ideal as it is just before Black Friday and Christmas so hopefully frugal gamers can bag a sweet deal for the console. In other news, TimeSplitters Rewind is planned for Playstation 4, which is essentially a “next-gen” collection of the three previous TimeSplitters games. The devs behind the game are waiting to get permission from Crytek first but I’m certain they will agree to it. It’s exciting news and can act as extra incentive to purchase the next-gen console.

We’ve had a few editorials and reviews this week. I discuss the big games of September and how pre-orders bonus/pay to win can ruin the fun of a game. Simon Nash discusses the fall of Bioware and raises some interesting points so be sure to check out that article! Our new writer, Peter Carl discusses Amnesia and why we should try to get it onto the PS4/PS Vita. You can read his article that r allies the gamer troops to get Amnesia on next gen right here. Finally, James O. checked out Madden NFL 25 and says it’s not the definitive NFL game you’re looking for. Here’s the review!

Regular Features And Something New

David Nelson’s usual Friday Night Rant talks about how games should not be made with sequels in mind, contrary to what Ubisoft thinks. I agree. Developers should focus all their effort onto the current game and not care whether or not there’s a sequel. However, it’s not always that simple. It’s a good rant, as per usual. I had a turn at doing the Top 5 Tuesday and discuss game series that deserve a reboot. I really want to see Crash Bandicoot back for the next-gen so hopefully this happens soon rather than later.

It’s time to talk about something new. Only SP editor, Lachlan talks abouts the whole Fish/Beer fiasco and media entitlement with his brand new feature: Only Speaking Professionally. It’s going to be a weekly column at OnlySp from here on out so give it a look, I guarantee it’ll be a good read. Finally, Peter Carl went beyond the call of duty this week and delivered a fantastic column all about PAX Prime 2013. He delivers some coverage of the next-gen consoles, triple A games as well as some other niche titles. You can read his coverage right here! It’s a cracking read.

Site News

Not much news from the site this week but we do have two brand new writers for the site. Our newbies Peter Carl and Matt Bianucci have started in the past week or so and we’re plan to put them hard at work to crank out some top-notch editorials and news reports while having a little fun at the same time. So make sure you leave a message or comment and welcome the new guys to our humble family of writers/editors.

Personal Gaming Update

People, can you believe that it has been 675 days since the first Grand Theft Auto V trailer has been released? And now we have to wait 10 excruciating days until we get to play it. I’m waiting with pure excitement and frustration to get my hands on the game.

Meanwhile, while I’m not counting down the hours until GTA V, I’ve been playing Jak and Daxter for the first time and man, is it an enjoyable and funny game! It’s very relaxing to play as I just collect everything I can: precursor orbs, health orbs etc.. The game is one big collector’s paradise and it’s a blast to play.

So that’s all folks. We’ll see you guys next week with even more news, reviews and features. Catch you later and keep on gaming.

Nathan Hughes
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