It’s finally here! After 5 years of waiting, Grand Theft Auto V has finally arrived and everyone loves it! Other things happened this week as well, and here’s our overview.

Editorials, News, and Reviews

There haven’t been any reviews this week as we are taking our time in reviewing GTA V, but look for that on the site soon!

Much has happened this week in editorials, however. Our Friday Night Rant is up, this week discussing Free-to-Play games and their problems. Check it out for an interesting view on F2P games! The weekly Only Speaking Professionally is also up, discussing the controversial topics in GTA V, and the internet’s reactions to them. Blizzard announced plans to remove the real money auction houses from Diablo III, and Simon gave his opinion on that as well. Finally, Connor compared Microsoft and Sony on the indie game front.

The week was also full of news, many of which came from Tokyo Game Show. Dark Souls II and Final Fantasy X/X-2 were both given release dates, and there were rumors of a PS4 iteration of the Uncharted series. Sony gave more details about the Gaikai cloud technology for the PS4, as well as post-release Gran Turismo 6 news. A new The Evil Within trailer was also released, and a new survival game called The Long Dark is now on Kickstarter. Criterion Games has reduced its staff, and Sony is waiting for the right time to reintroduce The Last Guardian. Finally, Sony unveiled October’s PlayStation Plus free games, and, for the biggest news of the week, Atlus will become part of Sega.

Site News

As for news for the site, we should all welcome Jen Guerin to the site! Be sure to comment to welcome her!


This week was crazy with the release of Grand Theft Auto V, and we know we’ll keep playing that far into the future. Next week will feature, as always, many editorials and news stories, as well as our review of GTA V.

Catch you guys next week and keep gaming!

Matt Bianucci
Loves to play all types of games, especially single player games. There are few games Matt won’t play. While he is new to the games journalism industry, he loves to write, talk and play games. He loves to share his opinions with the world through his editorials and reviews. He is PlayStation focused, writing reviews and news about the PS4, PS3, PS Vita and everything else PlayStation. Matt is currently a student based in the United States

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