The next-gen consoles are almost here! We’re extremely excited for them, and we have a bunch of games to hold us over until then. This week’s biggest release was Batman: Arkham Origins. Here’s the review of the rest of the week on OnlySP.

Editorials, News, and Reviews

We haven’t had a Week in Review in a few weeks, and we’ve had a few game reviews in the time since then. We had reviews for Beyond: Two Souls, The Wolf Among Us, Pro Evolution Soccer 2014, and the Nintendo 2DS, as well as Knock Knock, Takedown: Red Sabre, and Carnivores: Dinosaur Hunter HD.

In terms of editorials, we have had many in the past few weeks. Only Speaking Professionally is going strong, with topics such as what a game is, console wars, and review embargoes. David Nelson ranted about how he’s happy that Watch Dogs was delayed and that prequels are bad. There’s a new series of editorials on the site called First Love and the first edition of it is about Brothers in Arms. Our Top 5 Tuesdays were the Top 5 Games We Want to be Announced and the Top 5 Games to Play on Halloween. Finally, our newest writer, Thomas Connelly, wrote about the death of Games for Windows. 

There was a lot of news in the past few weeks, so I’ll recap the biggest of it all. First, Watch Dogs and DriveClub were both delayed until early next year, and the release dates for Titanfall, Drakengard 3, and BioShock Infinite’s DLC Burial at Sea: Episode 1 were all announced. Frictional Games revealed its next title, SOMA, along with a story trailer for it, and new details for PS4’s The Witness were released. More story details and screenshots for The Order: 1886 were released. Ryse: Son of Rome, Battlefield 4 and Killzone: Shadow Fall all got new story trailers as well. A trademark for Aliens: Isolation was filed and The Amazing Spider-Man 2 was announced. Finally, Kingdom Hearts 2.5 ReMIX, Sleeping Dogs sequel called Triad Wars and The Walking Dead: Game of the Year Edition were all announced.

Site News

As I mentioned earlier, we have a new writer for the site. Everyone give a warm welcome to Thomas Connelly!


The next few weeks should be packed with games leading up to the launch of the new consoles. This week alone we have Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag and Battlefield 4. As for the site, we will have our Batman: Arkham Origins review, as well as the normal slew of editorials and news articles this week.

Catch you guys next week and keep gaming!

Matt Bianucci
Loves to play all types of games, especially single player games. There are few games Matt won’t play. While he is new to the games journalism industry, he loves to write, talk and play games. He loves to share his opinions with the world through his editorials and reviews. He is PlayStation focused, writing reviews and news about the PS4, PS3, PS Vita and everything else PlayStation. Matt is currently a student based in the United States

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