This has been a pretty  eventful week in the gaming world, and we still have about another three weeks till E3 2012. If you haven’t heard yet, one of our writers over at Velocity Gamer, Mark Gibson, will be heading out to the expo to get some coverage. Expect to see some great exclusive content and interviews come June 5-7.

New OnlySP, you like?

Well, I hope you all like the new theme of Only Single Player. There’s still some tweaking that needs to be done in a few places, but I think it’s coming along nicely. I’ve also learned a good amount of PHP, HTML, CSS and Javascript while fixing up the site, so that’s always a plus. If you want to know the inside details of updating the site I’d have to write a book. Between yesterday and today, I’ve easily spent over 15 hours updating everything from the slider, header, links, colors and tons more. Thank goodness I don’t actually have to build the entire site myself, otherwise I think my social life would be less than it already is. Anyways, if you have any suggestions, criticisms, or praise for my hard-work, please leave a comment below. Try not to think of anything too complex for suggestions; I’m only a beginner in the coding world, believe it or not. :)

Upcoming single player experiences

This week saw the release of Starhawk, which I hope to get into rather soon. Unfortunately for the single player gamers, journalists around the web weren’t too happy with the game’s campaign. I’m not exactly sure why games like Starhawk, etc seem to feel the need to include a rushed, low-quality campaign when they’re focused on multiplayer. Why not just use the extra resources to continue fleshing out the multiplayer experience and just add bot matches in for the single players? This Tuesday we see the release of Max Payne 3, by far one of my most anticipated games of this year. Everything I’ve seen up to now has impressed me; The visuals, music, gunplay and the very impressive animations. Lets all just hope that the story is top notch as well, though I’m sure it will be considering Rockstar is behind the scene. After this week we’ll see the release of Dragon’s Dogma, which is looking to be a hit in the RPG genre. If you read my hands-on preview I made a mistake in the description of the game, labeling it as a Co-op enabled game. That information was incorrect, the game is actually a single player experience at its core, but has optional co-op elements implemented, and gives you the ability to share your created allies. If you didn’t see the first gameplay trailer for Assassin’s Creed III, you better click here and go check it out right now; it’s awesome.

Personal Gaming Update

I haven’t had much time to really play video games lately. School is finishing up with finals; gotta keep those grades up, so that’s the reason I haven’t gotten my Prototype 2 Review up yet. I have been playing the game when I can though, and I believe I’m at least 60% through the main storyline, which has actually been really good so far. I’m still working on finishing up the Witcher 2 as well. Of course, with Max Payne 3 coming Monday my backlog continues to grow uncontrollably. I believe I’m getting a copy of Dragons Dogma as well…man, I’m not going to see the light of day for at least a few weeks at the start of summer. Hopefully you all enjoy the new theme of the site and like I said above, please leave some feedback.


Nick Calandra
OnlySP founder and former site owner.

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  1. Great job on the new layout! Everything looks great!! I like the transitions on the home page =)

  2. I really like the new look. It makes everything kind of pop out at ya. I'm also glad you got somebody into E3. It'll be nice to get updates from you guys in your perspective.

    I've really been thinking about getting into writing about games more. The community college by me has a couple of writing classes through the summer I was thinking about checking out. They're not to expensive which is a big plus. They have one for creative writing but I can't take it this time because for 1 week of it I'll be out of town. They also have a class on blogging that I'll probably take just to get some insight and more knowledge about it. My wife is always telling me I should get into writing more about games because I love it so much. 

    PGU: Well I decided I'm getting Max Payne D1 and have already bought the DLC season pass. I also picked up Starhawk and have been enjoying that this week. The campaign is pretty forgettable but it did really help me out on understanding the whole concept of building stuff in the game for the multiplayer portion of the game.

    I played both some MW3 and BF3 since both had a double XP weekend going. Had fun in both and of course both drove me crazy with the connections lost. I really do enjoy BF3 so much better though but it's also a whole different play style. COD is the faster, quicker matches, while BF3 gives you the more lengthy team based strategy.

    I'm also about half way through Castlevania: LoS and have been loving it. It's a great game and should really be checked out by anybody that hasn't played it yet.

    Almost forgot that my new 1tb HDD showed up for my PS3. It took me 3 days to fully re-download and re-install everything I had before. I also added some of the stuff I had to delete because of space on the other drive which was 320gb. It's nice to have cloud space for my game saves since I'm a Plus member.

    That's about it for this week for me. Thanks for reading now time for the new episode of Game of Thrones.

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