It’s been a very hectic week at OnlySP as many of us are preparing to go back to school/college and are juggling the workload of covering news, reviews and previews with settling into the old/new regime of school/college. Some of us are starting college for the first time soon enough so we’ve been very busy, hence the lateness of the Single Player Week In Review. Nonetheless, we’re here to talk about the big stuff that went down this week at OnlySP; read on to find out more.

Gamescom 2013

Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock the past week, you would know that Gamescom 2013 happened this week over in Cologne, Germany. The big news is that the PS4 gets a release date, Batman: Arkham Origins gets a new trailer and villain, Sony unveils a staggering amount of indie games for PS4, Fable Legends is coming to Xbox One and all European Xbox One preorders get a free copy of FIFA 14. There’s a lot of big news here and I’m going to give my own two cents on the major ones. The PS4 release date (November 15th for US) is a good and bad idea.It’s a good idea to release a console before the holidays as it gives enough time for most of the next-gen games to be released by the time Christmas rolls around. Yet it’s a bad idea because some games like AC4 and COD: Ghosts release on current-gen before the PS4 releases. Will fans of the series be able to wait a month to get the game on next-gen or just give in to the current-gen temptation? It’s not a good idea for Sony to force fans to make the decision. Although, they remedy the issue somewhat by allowing people to upgrade their current-gen games to next-gen for $10, it still stinks to have to make a decision. For me, I’ll be sticking to current-gen for a loooong time thanks to the very anticipated GTA V.

With regards to free FIFA 14 with Xbox One preorders, I feel Microsoft is trying to combat Sony with their grasp on the EU market. I believe that it’s a good decision to attempt to be more competitive with the console rivals and I can definitely see many people be tempted to get the Xbox One as many gamers primarily focus on Call Of Duty or FIFA as their main “go to” games. Microsoft is tempting a lot of gamers with the offer of a free “essential” game for next-gen but I’m still wish that Xbox One would sell their console without the need for a Kinect camera. We’ll see in the future if they end up making a package that doesn’t include the Kinect..

Editorials And Reviews

There’s a few reviews this week. Will Blackwell checks out Splinter Cell: Blacklist and says that it’s that rare game that appeals to both old and new fans. As a fan of the classic Splinter Cell (Michael Ironside, you will be missed.), I’m eager to get my hands on this. Mars: War Logs was another game reviewed here at OnlySP by David Nelson. It sounds like a fun RPG for the “sci-fi and RPG fans” and that has my interest.

With college starting for many, David Nelson lists the Top 5 Gaming Tips For College Freshman. It’s a fun list that has some genuinely good advice about console care and entertaining lady friends with games. Don’t forget to check out David’s usual Friday Night Rant which is all about why we shouldn’t compare Steam to XBL/PSN. It’s a very engaging piece that I wholeheartedly agree with. David delivers a great rant topic once again.

And finally, Eoin and I get exclusive with the Xbox360 and PS3. We painstakingly pick out the best exclusives for both system and it was probably the hardest article I’ve had to write as there was so many games for me to choose from that narrowing it down to 5 was a very difficult decision to make. However, you can check out the articles and enjoy sharing your opinions on the matter.

Site News

It’s been a busy week for most of the writers here. Special congrats go to Nick Calandra who has moved out for college and Eoin Harnett who just got his course into the college he wanted. Well done, guys! Although the week has been kinda slow towards news-wise, we’ve all had hectic personal stuff going on. But don’t worry! We’ll still be here to give you all that good gaming news.

Personal Gaming Update

I’ve finished Demon Souls and have just begun playing Spec Ops: The Line. After playing it, it makes feel like a horrible person and it’s one of those games where you ought to go into it blind and experience the horrifying nature of war. It’s a great game for the message and story it gives but gameplay wise, it does have a few issues. I’ve had to restart the console a few times because the game bugged out a few times. However, the story is so harrowing and genuinely upsetting that it deserves to be played by all.


So that’s about it. We’ll be sure to see you guys next week with some exciting news. We also hope to announce the winners of the August Giveaway competition soon so stay tuned.

Catch you later and keep on gaming.



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  1. Spec Ops!!! Definitely one of the better games of yesteryear! Glad you agree with my opinion =p I picked up Mars: War Logs at the last steam sale, got like 20 minutes into it. Seems promising so far XD

    Also, Lords of Shadow PC release tomorrow! Cam’t wait!

    1. Spec Ops is one of the most devastating games I’ve ever played. So much bad stuff happens in that game and it’s pretty much all my fault. Great piece of storytelling!

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