Reviews, reviews and more reviews! It’s been a pretty busy week over here at OnlySP and we have posted a lot of in-depth reviews for games, from small indie games to triple-A releases. On top of that, we have a lot of interesting news, some new article types and have released some of our own brand-new videos on PayDay2, Gone Home and SpaceHulk! Read on to find out what else has been going on this week at OnlySP.

Interesting Opinion Articles

Here at OnlySP, we’re a very opinionated bunch of folks. That’s why we increased the number of editorials for this week as we have a lot to discuss. I did a focus on next-gen this week with an editorial on PS4’s Gaikai, why we should give Xbox One’s cloud a chance as well as doing a Discussion Point with Editor-In-Chief Lachlan Williams on using technology to improve immersion for next-gen.

Eoin Harnett has been looking at the music of Halo and how it changed the game industry while Lucy Niess gave her opinion on why exclusive games suck. Be sure to check out David Nelson’s usual Friday Night Rant where he thinks that we need to stop hating on the Xbox One.

And last but certainly not least, we revealed a brand new weekly “list” article called Top 5 Tuesday! Connor Sears looks at the Top 5 Videogame Quotes to kick off the new feature.

Good News, Everyone!

There’s been a lot of important news this week. Thief has been given a release date, Prey 2 might actually be developed by Arkane and Dying Light blindsided us all with a 12 minute gameplay trailer featuring some terrifying moments when the sun goes down. With Gamescom starting up this Wednesday, both Microsoft and 2K have hinted at their own little surprises to be shown at the conference in Cologne.

Microsoft will show off a new Xbox One exclusive and 2K will have a “surprise” announcement. Nick Calandra wrote an editorial discussing the possibility of Mafia 3 being announced. Finally, a big news story that broke was that Kinect CAN be turned off for the Xbox One. Check out that story here.

Review Time

We’ve had a lot  of reviews this week. Lachlan Williams professes his love for Gone Home, I become a professional passport checker with Papers, Please and Nick Calandra has a blast with Saints Row IV. There’s lots of reviews on the site so be sure to check them out if you want to see what we have to say about these games.

Fred Garret-Jones got his hands on PayDay 2 and delivers a gameplay video of a quiet heist gone wrong with fellow writer, Brandon Morgan. Check out the great gameplay/commentary below!

We are committed to uploading more and more footage from games to our YouTube channel so be sure to subscribe to get all the best gameplay videos.

Personal Gaming Update

I’ve been playing some great games this week. For the site, I’ve had to play the brilliant Papers, Please and I’ve been absolutely sucked into the atmosphere of the game. It’s a great game and I hope a lot more people support this indie game. It’s a fantastic idea for a game and deserves all the credit it gets!

From my own personal collection, I’ve been playing Demon Souls relentlessly. I’ve been cleaning up and killing bosses with ease (I’m very surprised!) and I managed to kill both the Maneater and Old Monk bosses in a single sitting without dying. In Demon Souls where you can die in a second, this felt awesome. If you have a PS3 and don’t own Demon Souls, I urge you to purchase it or get it for free from Playstation Plus. It’s probably one of the best games out there on the PS3.

On a personal note, I’m rather disappointed about Hotline Miami 2’s release date. It was let slip in a YouTube video info and it won’t be out until 2014. Not only that but the game apparently won’t be on PS3, like its predecessor.


So there you have it, guys! Gamescom is happening this Wednesday and we’ll be sure to cover all the important news from the event. We can’t wait to hear some new announcements and exciting news. We’ll see you guys around next week.

Are you excited for Gamescom? Got any predictions for it? Let us know what you think in the comments section below, or on the OnlySP forums.

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