It’s been an incredibly busy week here at OnlySP and in the video game industry as a whole. I released my Divinity: Dragon Commander review on Monday and was also involved in this week’s Discussion Point, not to mention all my non-OnlySP work, so I’ve been kept pretty busy this week.

Dragon Age: Inquisition Details

I was a huge fan of Dragon Age: Origins but was left rather disappointed by its sequel, so when I learned that Bioware had released the first details on the third game in the series, I had mixed feelings. Tentative-excitement is probably the best way to describe my reaction to the details that have been announced so far. The change back to being able to customize your character is extremely welcome, in my eyes at least, and the game world is said to be absolutely massive. Read the full story here.

Xbox One ‘Home Gold’

Microsoft is starting to make a very good case for their console with the newly announced ‘Home Gold’ feature, which allows multiple accounts on a single Xbox One to share an Xbox Live Gold subscription. This is great news for households with only a single Xbox One, as it will eliminate the need for multiple $60 membership purchases. I’m starting to get really worried for my wallet, as it now seems that I’ll have to end up buying both consoles, considering how many great exclusives being released for each of them. Catch the full report here.

Around OnlySP

It’s been a little calmer in terms of actual site news, and we haven’t had any further changes to staff this week. We’ve started getting some more video content up on Youtube, including a PAYDAY 2 gameplay video with our newly made OnlySP video intro. We’re hoping to expand on our video content in the coming weeks and months so make sure to subscribe to the channel!

We’ve published a number of awesome editorials this week, including a very popular In-Depth Comparison Guide Between Xbox One and PS4 written by Damien. Give it a look and tell us your opinion in the comments section. My favorite article of the week was, without a doubt, Nathan’s piece looking at Beyond: Two Souls. I had heard about the game a few times before but for some reason it never piqued my interested until I read Nathan’s article. I’m now seriously considering selling my Xbox 360 and games to get a PS3 just to play it.

Make sure to check out all our weekly features, including Dave’s Friday Night Rant discussing the price of video games as well as our Discussion Point of the week, where a few of the writers here at OnlySP decided to give their opinions on whether or not it is necessary for games to result in franchises.

Personal Gaming Update

This week I’ve been playing a bit of the PAYDAY 2 beta and enjoying it immensely. Unfortunately I haven’t been able to play with any of my friends as of yet, as they don’t have beta keys, but I have played with a number of people via the online matchmaking. The game is a lot of fun and I’d definitely recommend everyone to at least try it out. The other game I’ve been playing is The Raven: Legacy of a Master Thief and I’ll be putting out a review for it shortly, either tomorrow or the day after hopefully.

Well that about wraps up this week’s Single Player Week in Review. Remember to leave me a comment letting me know what you’ve been up to and what you want to see in the coming weeks.


Michael White
I'm a 17 year old high school student from South Africa. In addition to writing for OnlySP, I have a blog at IGN and a website at You can also follow me on twitter @MikeTGZA.

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