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Remedy Entertainment, the studio best known for Quantum Break and the upcoming Control, says single-players games are better than ever. conducted an interview with Remedy CEO Tero Virtala and, according to the studio head, single-player games are not going anywhere anytime soon. Virtala says that, despite some initial doubt from publisher big-wigs, single-player games have proven their worth in recent years.

“When we were discussing with publishers three years ago, many of them were quite doubtful about what would be the [AAA blockbuster] single-player game’s future. Now, with the success of many of Sony’s games, the success that Ubisoft has shown, we are seeing that single-player games are stronger now than they have ever been.”

Virtala also discussed the studio’s audience and the team’s desire to continue making AAA titles. To accomplish these goals, Virtala says that making standout action games with interesting characters and stories has provided the core foundation for the studio.

Control, and its supernatural themes, is scheduled to launch on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC later this year.

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