Hiiiiiiiiiiidey ho! Welcome to Episode Number 9 in the Only Single Player Podcast.

This week, we’ve gone all Oirish thanks to the pure awful Irish accent in the new Assassin’s Creed (B)rogue trailer. Good jaysus, what a shite accent! On top of that, Adam, Nathan and Matthew talk South Park: The Stick of Truth, Age of Wonders 3, the usual news round-up and a lot more. It’s pure class, hey, ya can’t bate it.

Oh and seeing as next week is our 10th podcast, we’re going to make it our best one yet. Can you dig it?

As always, thanks for listening.

Keep an ear out for the tender tinkling of ice in a glass of bourbon and the gentle sipping of a can of beer.

When we said we’ve gone all Irish, we mean it.

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