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According to game industry market research firm, EEDAR, single player only titles are on the rise.

EEDAR Co-Founder, Geoffrey Zatkin, stated at GDC that the number of games that did not include multiplayer support rose to 46% in 2013, which is the highest that number has been since 2009.

This actually isn’t really all that surprising considering the number of games being released on Steam through the Greenlight program. The majority of those games on there either are only single player or only multiplayer titles. However, the number of big single player titles being released this year is actually pretty impressive. The list includes, Dragon Age: Inquisition, The Order: 1886, the recently released inFamous: Second Son and plenty more to come.

Either way, it’s always good news to hear that developers are not including tacked on multiplayer modes for the sake of longevity. That was quite the annoying trend last generation. What are your thoughts on the rise of single player games? Let us know in the comments below!


Nick Calandra
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  1. I think as we see digital distribution rise, we will see SP games rise too. The reason being that the whole reason MP gets tacked on is to increase longevity and decrease the liklihood of gamers returning games quickly. When you take retail out, that problem instantly goes away. Hooray for STEAM!!

    1. Adding in MP also would add a lot of extra work I believe. Making sure servers are running, cheaters are in check etc, continual support. With a SP title you’re essentially done when you release it aside from patching a few things up etc.

  2. Biggest Threat to single player games is free to play buisiness model.İ think developers have to embrace narrative structure according to it.Even steam is encouraging this shit.

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