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Our apologies for trying to mislead you yesterday about where you should spend your money this month. The time has come to address that wrong and deliver what truly are the most eye-catching games of the coming month.

Falcon Age

Release Date: April 9, 2019
Platforms: PlayStation 4, PlayStation VR

Despite appearing briefly during PlayStation’s debut State of Play presentation, Falcon Age continues to fly under the radar for many gamers because of that VR connection. However, developer Outerloop Games is maintaining maximum accessibility by ensuring that the game can also be played without PSVR.

Falcon Age begins on a world strip-mined and culturally devastated by the uncaring actions of robotic colonial invaders. Enter Ara, a young woman who, while in prison for a minor crime, befriends a baby falcon. The pair escape together, and so begins an adventure of rebellion and resistance.

As players explore the desolate landscape, they will have to raise, train, and take care of their avian companion. Players will also engage in first person combat, with the falcon taking the traditional role of a ranged option. The gameplay trailer embedded below also points to the inclusion of some light survival mechanics.

SteamWorld Quest: Hand of Gilgamech

Release Date: April 25, 2019
Platforms: Switch

The SteamWorld series continues late this month, with developer Image & Form Games once again shifting gears to deliver a card-based RPG.

As may be expected from that brief description, a core gameplay loop is the collection of cards to increase the offensive capabilities of the party. Alongside that progression mechanic, however, is an XP system more traditionally associated with RPGs.

Anyone who has played one of the developer’s previous games will be familiar with SteamWorld Quest’s humorous tone and penchant for robot-oriented puns. Also returning is the eye-catching cartoon aesthetic that has aged so well, even from the low-res series debut SteamWorld Tower Defense on the 3DS.

Early impressions of the project have led to rapturous enthusiasm, with Hardcore Gamer claiming that “[i]t will not only be fun, but it might also be a turning point for games.” While SteamWorld Quest is only scheduled to launch on the Switch for the time being, most previous series entries have eventually made their way to a multitude of platforms.

Days Gone

Release Date: April 26, 2019
Platforms: PlayStation 4

Lacklustre early showings of Days Gone raised concerns that it would be an awkward, less interesting cousin to Sony’s more invigorating projects, such as God of War and The Last of Us, though Bend Studio has turned that impression around.

More than 12 years have passed since Bend Studio last worked on a console project, with the intervening period being filled with portable spin-offs to the Resistance and Uncharted franchises.

Days Gone is far more ambitious than those titles, though. Indeed, a key point of difference from most of Sony’s first-party offerings is the systemic nature of Days Gone’s design. Melee, gunplay, crafting, dynamic weather, vehicle customisation, fuel management, spatially aware AI, and stealth comprise just some of the multitudinous moving parts of the experience. Coupled with those elements are a massive open world and an estimated playtime in excess of 30 hours.

However, fans of the narrative-driven approach are not left out, as the game will also include around six hours of cutscenes, as biker protagonist Deacon St. John tries to survive in a post-apocalyptic world overrun by zombie analogues called Freakers.


Outside of these three headliners, April is chock full of single-player-pleasing games. Strategy fans have the espionage thriller Sigma Theory: Global Cold War on April 18 and Imperator: Rome, the latest grand strategy project from the team behind Stellaris and Crusader Kings II, on April 26.

Meanwhile, Vambrace: Cold Soul and Zanki Zero: Last Beginning hold down the RPG fort, the former without a specific date yet, but the latter on April 9.

Platformer sequel Super Meat Boy Forever is also expected out this month, fans of campy action have Earth Defense Force: Iron Rain to look forward to on April 11, and anyone still anxiously waiting for a Burnout sequel should look to Dangerous Driving on April 9.

Finally, story gamers get the choice of Victorian-era mystery Dance of Death: Du Lac & Fey on April 5 or archaeology adventure Heaven’s Vault on April 16.

Have we forgotten anything that you’re excited for? Let us know down below or on our shiny new Discord server.

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