Nintendo announced an upcoming single-player JRPG entitled Oninaki from the acclaimed developer of Lost Sphere and I Am Setsuna, complete with a soft release date of summer 2019.

The game is an action RPG that has the player going back and forth between the living world and “the beyond” to rescue lost souls.

As the player saves lost souls the character will become stronger using the abilities gained to face off against monsters. Each soul will affect the player differently and will be best suited for different situations.

The game takes place in a world that bases their tenants on reincarnation. In this world, people are not allowed to mourn the dead. The main character, Kagachi, is a Watcher, someone who is tasked to go save the souls of the dead and fight the ones that allow grief to affect their souls, turning them into monsters that cannot be reincarnated.

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Chris Hepburn
Chris is a born and raised Canadian, Eh. He has a passion for game design and the community behind games, what they can teach and the subtle points games can make. He is a college graduate of Game Development with a specialization in Animation. Always looking to learn something new with passions in all things nerdy and human nature.

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