This is a pretty interesting article for me to be writing, considering that it’s actually been my first week writing for OnlySP. There’s been a ton of work going into the site getting ready for August, and we should be pumping out at least one editorial pretty much every day of this month. On top of that we’ve been working hard on a few new regular features including a weekly podcast as well as a ‘discussion point’, which will be published every Wednesday, to give a more varied opinion on issues you want to hear about. That’s not what I’m here to talk about though, so let’s move on to the topic at hand. What’s been happening at OnlySP over the last week?

Great Editorials over the last week

A number of incredibly popular editorials have been written in the last week, including a great article comparing the Xbox One and Playstation 4 launch exclusives by Nathan. Personally I think they are pretty even in terms of the launch exclusives, with Xbox having Dead Rising 3 and PS4 getting Killzone: Shadow Fall, but I’ll be picking up the PS4 because of the exclusives coming post launch. Another great article to check out is Will’s ‘Three Games Single Players Should Look Out for in August’. I definitely agree with his choices. Splinter Cell: Blacklist has been one of my most anticipated games of this year, and Saints Row always provides a lot of fun, so with the superpowers and extra craziness of the fourth installment it’s sure to be a great time. Dave took a look at the combat in the upcoming Xbox One exclusive, Ryse. I haven’t seen much of the game yet but the little I have seen looks great. I really enjoy the period of Roman conquest in history as a setting, so I’m excited to see what happens with Ryse, and whether it can live up to its amazing setting. Also make sure to check out this weeks Friday Night Rant, where Dave takes a look at the threat to singleplayer games posed by MMOs.

Phil Fish leaves game development

I was really sad to hear the news of Fez II’s cancellation and Fish’s departure from the games industry. Many thought he deserved all the flak he received, and I admit that he often behaved incredibly unprofessionally, but I don’t think there’s any way to justify the amount of hate he received. If you ignore everything else then you’ll see that he was a great game designer. I didn’t even like Fez that much, but it was inventive and the loss of any game developer with that sort of creativity is a huge loss to the industry in my eyes.

Site News

We’ve had a number of changes to site, including a few additions to the staff as well as one person leaving. Myself, Nathan and Eoin joined the OnlySP team last weekend and have been hard at work on various news pieces, editorials, as well as a few other features to come in the future. Unfortunately one of our editors, Ryan, came to the decision to leave the site over differences in opinion over the direction of the website, but on the upside we  recruited a new editor, James. He’s already been hard at work in the short time he’s been here, and we’re happy to have him joining the team.

The forums have also seen a huge increase in activity this week and we expect that trend to continue. We would like to thank everyone that has taken part in the August User Review Contest and joined the forums in general. It’s a great help to the site and its popularity and as a result we will be able to provide more and more contests and giveaways to you, the reader.

Below is a quick note from Nick, Founder of OnlySP:

“For those of you who have been following the site since the beginning, you’ll be happy to know that almost ALL of the original team has, or will be returning to the site. Damien Lawardorn has returned from his adventures in Australia and will be back to full time coverage next week. We also got in touch with Will Blackwell who says that he’ll also be making a return to the site, but in a “limited” form, meaning we should mostly see editorial features from him. Finally, as you’ve probably already noticed, Dave Nelson has also made his return posting quite a few highly publicized editorials in the last couple weeks. Be sure to say hello to them if you read their articles in the coming days, it’s great to have them back.”

Personal Gaming Update

I’ve been pretty busy this first week, writing a bunch of articles ranging from news pieces to editorials to a review and it’s been awesome. I’ve also been working on the upcoming OnlySP podcast, which should be released pretty soon. In my free time I’ve been playing a ton of Fallout: New Vegas as I’m going back to finish all the DLC. I’ve also been playing Divinity: Dragon Commander for most of my Sunday, and will be publishing a review on it tomorrow, so make sure to check that out!

All in all it’s been an exciting, action packed  week in the gaming scene, and it was made even more eventful by being my first week at OnlySP. It’s been hard work, but at the same time extremely fun. I’ll be publishing a Week in Review article every Sunday, so make sure to check it out next week along with all our other weekly regulars.

What have you guys been up to, and what are you looking forward too most in the coming weeks? Let us know in the comments section below, or on the OnlySP forums.


Michael White
I'm a 17 year old high school student from South Africa. In addition to writing for OnlySP, I have a blog at IGN and a website at You can also follow me on twitter @MikeTGZA.

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  1. I’ve been busy well, working on the site as we’re on our way to having one of the best months ever thanks to all the new writers and the content they’ve been bringing, keep it up dudes and Lucy!

    Other than that, just starting to get packed up to head off to college here in the next three weeks and working on some reviews. Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons review will be up Wednesday at 3 PM EST, and right now I’m currently working on Saints Row 4 and should be getting a replacement code for the defunct one I had of Stealth INC this week.

    On the personal side of gaming things I’ve replayed a few missions of The Last of Us, the game just does not get old no matter how many times I play it. Well, I get a little bored of the infected, but I love fighting the human enemies. Especially on hard with all the assists turned off, I’m almost scared to think of how much MORE Naughty Dog can do with their AI next-gen. Last of Us 2, assuming there will be one, will have some very realistic AI I can tell you that much.

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