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The ‘King of Cards’ campaign coming to Shovel Knight: Treasure Trove will be the biggest experience in the series to date.

In an interview with Nintendo Everything, Sandy Gordon a pixel artist and animator on the Shovel Knight franchise elaborated on the size of ‘King of Cards’ since the campaign and Shovel Knight Showdown’s delay in February.

Once the team went back to developing ‘King of Cards’ after working on ‘Specter of Torment’, many aspects changed, which has resulted in “the biggest of all the campaigns, and scope.” The campaign will be the largest in length and scope, with the biggest change being to how the story is written compared to the others. Gordon described it as “the wackiest of all the campaigns.”

Additionally, the campaign will feature a mini-game called Joustess, that has approximately 140 cards for players to collect.

Gordon said this new campaign is possibly overloaded with content and ideas as the team has tried to pack all the coolest and craziest ideas into the campaign to give fans a great finale to the saga.

Some information was also shared about Showdown, the fighting game will also feature a single-player story mode for all characters in the game. Each story will focus on the chosen character and their counterpart whether they are friend or foe, giving more depth to the story of each warrior. No information on how the story plays out was shared, but assumptions lead to a fighting game arcade-style story.

Development on King of Cards and Showdown is now in the home stretch. An official release date for the physical version of Shovel Knight: Treasure Trove and the three amiibos should be announced sometime in the near future. ‘King of Cards’ is the developer’s final entry in the Shovel Knight franchise before most likely moving on to new properties and games.

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