In a recent developers blog post from Yachtclub Games, the developers celebrated the release of Shovel Knight on PSN and announced the release date for SK on Xbox One.

Shovel Knight was finally released for Playstation consoles this week after coming out originally on Wii U and the 3DS last year, to critical and financial success.

Now, Shovel Knight is coming to Xbox One and some old characters are bringing back some nostalgia in the form of the Battletoads, as they are featured in the game, similar to how Kratos was placed in the Playstation version of SK.

Yachtclub Games gave some more details as part of their post about The Plague of Shadows, the first free update to the game, which will be adding new features and a new playable character with new story.

The developers also announced Shovel Knight will be heading to Japan, and although it’s in the early stages of localization and certification, hopefully Japanese fans won’t have to wait too long.

Have you been waiting for Shovel Knight to be brought over to Xbox and Playstation? I certainly have and can’t wait to get my hands on it. Let us know in the comments whether you have found Kratos yet in the PSN version or are excited to find the Battletoads on the Xbox version.

Shovel Knight will coming out on Xbox One digitally on the 29th of April Worldwide.

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Seamus Mullins
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