shovel knight 64

Yacht Club Games has quickly teased the possibility of a Nintendo 64-style Shovel Knight game.

Over on Twitter, a user commented on an announcement that Shovel Knight had surpassed 2.5 million in sales and asked if there was a sequel in the works. Yacht Club answered the user, “We’re still working on wrapping up all of the content we promised for Treasure Trove. King of Cards and Showdown will complete the saga, for now.”

Yacht Club Games also asked what kind of sequel the audience would like to see, and another user said “Is Shovel Knight 64 a possible option? There’s still not enough 3D platformers and I really miss them.”

As the studio is working to complete the content promised for the Treasure Trove release, surely the team is looking at ways to grow the Shovel Knight franchise. Considering Shovel Knight’s content drops have almost come to an end, a 3D platformer could certainly be in the cards.

It was also announced back in February that the Shovel Knight: King of Cards received a several month delay, pushing back its original release date of April 2019.

Quite a lot of time has passed since OnlySP last covered Shovel Knight, so check out the review here.

For last year’s April Fool’s Day, Yacht Club Games teased the public with a timely Shovel Knight 64 video.

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