NSA leaker, self described whistle-blower, and fugitive from justice Edward Snowden has revealed a new batch of the United States Government’s classified secrets today, this time alleging that Microsoft was in close collaboration with United States intelligence agencies in service of the formerly top-secret Prism program, The Guardian reports.

The documents Snowden released detail how the National Security Agency was provided with workarounds to circumvent encryption security to monitor users’ communications via Skype and Outlook.com.

The Xbox One has gained negative press since its reveal for having a built-in camera for Kinect compatibility and an always-on microphone that is supposed to only be listening for voice commands. Nevertheless these features have led the Australian government to classify the Xbox One as a surveillance device.

When you add to the mix some recent statements that the Xbox One was built “with advertising in mind” these revelations could be enough to amount to a consumer turn-off at the very least. Does Microsoft’s collaboration with the United States Government in spying operations concern you where the Xbox One is concerned?

David D. Nelson
David D. Nelson is a polymath with a BA in English working as an independent writing and editing professional. He enjoys gaming, literature, and a good hat.

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  1. the fact that this has only being pointed at microsoft is troubling, lets use common sense..think about every company who has found to be helping the nsa…they have not really said how, or with what…. but with this being a ps fanboy site that lacks credibility, im not surprised

    1. Fanboy site that lacks credibility huh? Where does it show anywhere on the site that we’re biased towards one system or another? Oh right it doesn’t because the site is designed to keep it from being that way. We have no tabs for either console. Next time, bring some extra information if you’re going to ride that high horse.

    2. It is not just Microsoft but wireless communications companies… it is all US based companies that store data for adware and marketing use. This is a gaming centric site and Microsoft is the only gaming hardware company that fits this description.

  2. Welp, More shit to add to the pile for MS. At this point you expect some other shit to arise with MS each week. Like I like to say “Same shit, different toilet”

  3. Fugitive from “justice”. lol. Truth speakers are always hunted by those who like to manipulate.

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