So, EA has obtained rights to the Star Wars franchise and we know DICE is working on a brand new installment in the Battlefront franchise, which has been requested since a long time ago. Unfortunately other than the fact that we’ve gotten a teaser trailer and estimated release, we don’t have any other details. What we do know is how well DICE develops multiplayer games, and with Battlefield 4 promising a character focused story with emotional value, we have to ask if they can bring the same to Battlefront.

DICE has already made it clear that Star Wars Battlefront wouldn’t just be a reskinned Battlefield game, which is great news because as good as that sounds, I really want the game to have its own distinct identity. It’s clear the game will have a large focus on multiplayer which is what the series is known for, but we have to ask, should the game include a campaign mode?

In my honest opinion, I certainly believe the series is ripe for a campaign mode that offers an interesting story in the Star Wars universe. Previous Battlefront games included campaigns, but were really nothing more than bot fights to prepare you for the online multiplayer battles.

DICE has the chance to add a compelling storyline to the series, and the one game that I hope they take inspiration from is Star Wars: Republic Commando.

Republic Commando, in my opinion, was one of the best FPS games the previous generation had to offer. The story was memorable, as were the characters and gameplay that went along with it. DICE has experience with creating memorable characters with Bad Company, and the campaigns in both of the Bad Companies were actually pretty well done for a mostly MP focused developer. Battlefield 3’s campaign set them back a bit with its generic modern war story, but as I noted above, DICE is keen on making a much better campaign with 4, and from what we’ve seen so far, it’s looking like they have a chance at delivering.

What I don’t want to see if DICE do decide to make a Battlefront campaign, however, is a tutorial-like campaign that gets you prepped for multiplayer. If a campaign is created it should be a part of the core experience, otherwise DICE should simply just focus on making the game a multiplayer only title. It’s just like adding multiplayer to a game that doesn’t need it. If you aren’t going to put the time into making it a worthwhile experience, why bother including it? The other option for the campaign would be to create something similar to what TitanFall is doing with an online oriented campaign mode that’s essentially multiplayer battles with scripted moments and a storyline to follow.

As a site that focuses on single player games you can probably guess the option that we prefer. Following the release of Battlefield 4 we should have a better idea of DICE’s progression on creating campaigns so for those of you hoping for a campaign in Battlefront, hope for the best for Battlefield 4.

Nick Calandra
OnlySP founder and former site owner.

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  1. Personally, I would rather have Battlefront be MP only. There are games that have formulas that simply would work better for campaigns or MP. In the case of Battlefront, I believe its formula is much more appealing in MP.

  2. Of course it should have a decent campaign, both in terms of story and length, otherwise why bother. I don’t appreciate games that serve only as a playground where people can shoot each other, or whatever they do in multiplayer, though I seem to belong to a dwindling minority, maybe because I don’t have a short attention span…

    1. I love SP gaming (more so that MP), but I don’t think Battlefront is a game that should have SP simply because their formula is not very good for SP, or at least how I remember it from the original two games.

  3. It should have nstant action split screen with a friend and mad bots to make it seem epic my team vs a friends thats what i remember being fun.

  4. It should have every game mode it used to and competent bots and split screen idc what dice is known for its ruined without some sort of coop or split screen with competent bots just make simple old battlefield multiplayer.

  5. So long as it has instant action where you can fight the same maps on multiplayer with bots alone and offline, I’m good.

  6. All I really want is Bots, Instant battle, Galactic Conquest and split screen. I personally couldn’t care less about online multiplayer. Of course it’ll be there and I have no problem with that but please don’t do what so many other games have and make it a mostly multiplayer game with some token single player tacked on. Take BF2, a game I own 4 different copies of, (Ps2, Xbox, Pc and PSP) and expand upon it, polish it and remind us why it was, at one time, the best selling star wars games ever. I’ve waited 10 years for this, please DICE… don’t fuck it up.

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