Destiny is one of the most anticipated triple-A titles hitting shelves this year. It has a massive open world, gorgeous graphics, and is made by Bungie, the renowned developers of the Halo series. The thing is, Destiny does not have a single player campaign. While you can play it solo, you will always be connected to the other players in the world of Destiny. We at OnlySP have chosen to discuss whether or not Destiny should have a single player campaign, and we would like your input in the comments section below as well.

“Yes – Destiny needs a campaign to ease players into a new environment”  (Nathan Hughes’ take)

Despite the popularity of combining multiplayer and single player into one seamless package, I think Destiny is a game that really ought to deliver a single player campaign. While the game is being advertised as a “shared-world shooter”, it’s not strictly an MMO in the traditional sense but it still emphasizes having multiple players in the game. Here’s why I think there ought to be an option to tackle the game solo.

Let’s be honest, when you’re starting a new game, chances are you’re going to be crap at it. You need a chance to familiarize yourself with the controls, learn what works and what suits you and a single player mode is the perfect area to try this out. If you’re doing this “field-testing” in a multiplayer environment with another team, you could wind up making dumb mistakes because you’re still figuring everything out. While I’m sure there’s a tutorial available, sometimes you just want to play a campaign on your own, do stuff on your own and just experience things… on your own. It’s not a critique of other players whatsoever but if the world in Destiny is as diverse and rich as advertised, I’d prefer to explore it on my own first before teaming up with buddies. If you’re “forced” to join with other players to fully experience the world, this might not gel with players who have a preference for single player modes.


That’s not to say Destiny is not embracing single player’s needs. Apparently, you can play Destiny on your own but some missions require you to team up with your friends, which is a fair compromise if you ask me. But how will the story hold up? Can Destiny deliver a grandiose tale like Halo before it but with multiple players involved? Will the game’s story differ if you’re playing it on your own versus playing with friends? Maybe an offline single player campaign is the ticket to tell a story that delivers great characters and sufficiently prepares you to tackle the online mode.

Not having a single player campaign currently works best for games where the premise is extremely simple. Take Call of Duty/Battlefield for example. Both have you playing a soldier in a modern setting and the multiplayer reflects that easily. Yet for Destiny, will it be able to convey all the ins and outs of the world sufficiently without a single player campaign? Sure you have a story online but will it be as effective if you have everyone squawking into their microphones? Can you appreciate the story with other players online as much as offline? I’m hoping they can achieve a great story but I wouldn’t say no to having a single player campaign either.


 “No – Destiny should not have a single player campaign because the multiplayer aspect is the most important part of the game.” (Matt Bianucci’s take)

From the start, Destiny has been made and marketed as a huge open world game that you can play with friends. You are supposed to start the game and play through the game with other people, no matter your skill level or overall experience. You learn as you go with your friends. You are supposed to find secrets, share tips, and do everything else in the game – including progressing through the story – with your friends, and that’s exactly how the game has been developed since its conception.

Without its multiplayer component, Destiny would be a big empty world with nothing to do. Having a single player campaign might let the player learn more about the world and become better at the game, but there would be little to do without the random encounters throughout the world or running into a battle that another group of players has found. There is so much more to add to the game with other players involved, and taking that away would take away much of what is most important in Destiny’s concept and world. While the game is embracing itself as a “shared-world shooter” and not necessarily an MMO, for all intents and purposes, Destiny is an MMO at heart. Without the other people, the game is bare and easily forgettable. However, having your other group members will allow you to fully immerse yourself in the world and understand everything the world has to offer.


If you would rather play on your own instead of with a party in Destiny, I completely understand that. There are many times that I just want to play a game by myself and realize a world on my own terms. Therefore, playing Destiny alone, yet still online with the possibility of meeting other players, is still something like what the developers are looking for, but playing it offline and alone is completely against the game’s main selling point.

Destiny has so much going for it, but almost all of it is contingent upon your connection to other players in the world. Not having a connection to the online world of Destiny would remove so much of what Destiny has been designed to be. Everything has been made and marketed from the ground up as a connected “shared world shooter”, and having a single player campaign would negate the connected world that the story is meant to be played in.


Now that you’ve read both sides of the story, you can tell us your opinions in the comments section below! Let us know if you think Destiny should or shouldn’t have a single player campaign and why. Feel free to discuss this topic in our forums as well as we work to build up a strong community of gamers who love single player video games. Also, let us know what you want to see us discuss next.

Nathan Hughes
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  1. Destiny is trying to give you the best of both worlds. To be honest I care absolutely nothing for playing this game with others. I have maybe 1 friend that I might do co-op with, but I have been burned too many times with people I don’t know that complain about how I play, how they talk (profanity), and what should be done (where to go, what missions to do, etc.). Some of my favorite PC based games are Star Trek Online (STO), and Star Wars The Old Republic (STWOR). The story can be completed alone, but if you want PvP or other players to be with you on your journey you can do that. Any significant aspect of the story that requires more than 1 person to complete will ruin this game.

    1. Should offer SP! I may not be buying it cause it doesn’t have it. I loved playing Halo single player as well as multiplayer. Will wait for reviews and see how the story is before I spend the money!

  2. Multiplayer Only? No buy.

  3. Multiplayer Only? No buy.

  4. uh, the game’s campaign/story can be completed just by yourself (so technically it does have a single-player campaign) this whole article is made pointless by this simple fact. The whole point of this game is player choice. You can choose to go solo, you can choose to team up, you can choose what activities or missions you want to do. the only choice you don’t have is to play offline. That’s what you should be discussing. should this game have an offline mode, the answer is no, because that’s not how the game was designed/intended to be played.

    This game is NOT MULTIPLAYER ONLY!

    1. That’s not completely true. it was confirmed by one of the designers that you need a team for the final missions

      1. Those missions they were referring to are Raids, and that is a seperate game mode from the campaign.

    2. Actually they said that this game is online only, you cant play it offline and the last missions will require coop.

      The entire game is like borderlands or defiance you can choose to play alone but its meant to be a mp coop, there is not solo fun to be had here.

      1. It’s always connected, yes.
        The entire campaign can be completed solo. only thing that can’t be done solo are Raids, public events, faction wars, and the more difficult Strike missions.

        Borderlands and Borderlands 2 were awesome to play solo.

        1. Yea, but that’s not like a true solo campaign like our authors are talking about above. You’re right, there’s a story and there’s a campaign, but we’ll have to wait and see how focused it is with the structure that their going with. I have high hopes for it to be good, but Bungie just hasn’t shown enough yet to make us see it. So far, all I’ve seen is a co-op mission based shooter, which isn’t necessarily bad, I just expect a good story from Bungie.

          1. Trust me when I say this. If all you want to do is play by yourself and enjoy the story, you can do that. It’s a grand story too, and Bungie doesn’t want to spoil that for you. The game however is much bigger than that and to only play by yourself would be a disservice to this game. And it’s still 4 months away. if any more story details are revealed it will be after E3, probably around July when the Beta goes public. Some things; however, are meant to be discovered. It may be dangerous to go alone, but you can’t always trust people. It’s your Destiny, no one else can take that from you.

          2. Lol taking the game a bit too seriously with that last statement. I certainly plan to play the game as it’s meant to be played, but the idea for this topic came from a constant search term that comes up through the site. Does Destiny have a single player campaign is something I see on our search keywords almost every day.

          3. And the answer is yes. it’s just the same as the co-op campaign. It’s just the Campaign. you choose if you want to fight besides friends or not. Player choice is key.

          4. But if i prefer playing alone (and offline), why should I be forced to play with others? Just because others would find the experience more enriching doesn’t mean I necessarily will. And if it is more enriching, it shouldn’t have to force me online to make me try it (I’ve discovered borderlands can be fun with friends). Word of mouth should convince me fine enough without them forcing me to play it one way.

            Honestly, what it does is make me less likely to buy it is I prefer a good story to my FPS (When I want to play an FPS) as well as single player. Games with those have been my favorite FPS’s (Even Borderlands I love and i know it’s designed more for co op in mind but I still love playing it on my own and don’t feel like I miss anything otherwise. ANd yes, I have played it with a friend and it’s still fun but I don’t feel like I miss out on playing it single player either).

            And honestly, them saying it can be played SP makes me wonder how much the forcing online is just to force you online and not because you actually need it for the game.

      2. You can play Borderlands alone and offline though. Maybe it’s harder but there is no requirement to play with others.

        1. you cant play this offline though. its online only, personally i dont see whats the point, the game has alot money put into it for what it does, like 500 million but it will sell since it follows the same tactic as cod. 200 million budget, 50 go in development the rest are for marketing.

          1. Yes, i know it’s online only. That’s why I pointed out that if you are going to compare it to borderlands, borderlands lets you play single player and offline and it’s still fun. So, either they are requiring online for no real reason (except maybe DRM but even if not DRM I want to know what justification they have for making it so I can’t be offline <- and I'd like one cause the game looks good but I'm going to feel like i caved in on my principles if I buy a game that requires offline for no real reason), or there is something different about it than Borderlands that really does need online for you to play it (I'm hoping it is this one).

            And before you go what's it matter if your internet is good. It's annoying enough when power goes out but at least that's not really anything they can do about, you have to have power to run your computer. I don't want to have to rely on two things working to be able to play when one of those things really has no reason I need it to play my game. The more things you have to rely on to make something work, the more chances something will go wrong and it won't work. If my internet is out, at least now I can game to pass the time. I don't want to face a time where even that is not an option.

            And I don't want to encourage developers to start requiring online for all games (basically I want to send the message it's only ok if you truly need it for the game).

          2. honsetly destiny, driveclub, the crew, titanfall division are all drm in disquise they design a mp based game so it cant be sold used or pirated, its drm in dissquise really. Publishers lose alot of money from used sales.

          3. That’s what I was worried about as I don’t want to support that. I was kinda hoping they or some one would have a good reason why the single player really needs to be offline. Honestly, good DRM does not get in the way of the honest players. And DRM designed to stop the really serious hackers isn’t going to stop the hackers, but it will stop people from buying your game. Hell, sometimes it makes it so the hackers can give the customer a more hassle free version, chasing the customers to the illegal sellers (For example when CDs were relevant, they tried to make it so you couldn’t copy them. The tech made the CD unreadable in CD-roms, but also in boomboxes and car radios. Which meant that it was very limited where you could play it and there were people (like me) who had nothing to play it with. And yet, I could easily have found pirated copies to buy that I could play in the cd players I had. Only reason I didn’t buy them is on principle. But I didn’t buy the CDs I couldn’t play either so that really didn’t help the company. And people who were as tight on their principles probably just figured, “Well, they don’t give me a way to buy it from them so why not?”).

    3. I choose not to play with pizza, faced ball hogs, I will pass on buying this one.

  5. This game feels like defiance, diffirent classes and samey upgradable weapons, its a coop mmo and you kill monsters and bandits, i dont think at this state it needs a campagin since its not a mp game with a sp campagin its a coop mmo.

    It will have somethnig like borderlands dont expect cinematic campaign for solo play like say cod.

  6. To clear up the confusion…

    Its like The Old Republic. You CAN play solo, but you are still required to be online, and you will still be connected to the vast network or other players.

    Things like Raids are like the 2+ or 4+ Heroic missions; group is required, but they are not necessary for the progression of the game.

    But no, solo gamers need not worry. You simply have to be online. You can still play solo.

  7. It’s sad that it won’t have the option to play offline, don’t get me wrong, the online gameplay implemented in Destiny is fantastic as far as the beta went. Thing is, once they shut the servers then the game is gone. We don’t really own this game.

  8. Though i prefer to play alone i am looking forward to this.

  9. Had no idea there was no single campaign till this point, i was hoping multiplayer was something i could ease into once i got the jist of this game, not sure if i will bother now,

    1. Bought if today. Already regretting it.

  10. If I’m playing co-op multiplayer, my biggest pet peeves are ones with no microphones, cheat mods, suicide runs, and ball hogs. I want to be able to kick those people out.

  11. What bungie doesnt realise is not every 1 has internet… Like me im in South Africa and The Internet is so Shit here i can NOT stay connected for 10 mins i always get disconnected and there is no Such thing as a Fast Internet here it doesnt exist in south Africa.. So you want me to Pay R800-$80 and im barely connected for 7 mins? Whats the point of buying it then??? Its just a waste of money then….

  12. I would say do one or the other not both. As a primarily multiplayer game the single-player side of things was never going to be the main focus anyway. So why not follow Titanfall and be multiplayer-only? Single-player shouldn’t just be a practice mode for multiplayer. Besides there are a lot of other single-player games out there for people looking for that experience.

  13. agreed, wat next? they will start making people pay a subscription to play it, like wow?
    one of the reasons I will never own this game, plus It looks too much of a haloish/unreal tournament style fps which ive never liked the look of.

  14. sucks to buy it and then find out I cant play it solo without random people showing up where I am playing…

  15. Can’t play solo? Won’t play it

  16. I have no internet connection to my PS 3 does that mean I couldn’t play the game at all if I bought it?

    1. That’s correct. You have to be connected to the internet if you were to play Destiny.

  17. I paid 60 bucks for most of my games..ps3……I really enjoy this game…but 60 bucks and you cant play it off line is a little redickaless….when you play it on line there should be a tuotor spot in the tower to figure shit out…..make a game and theres nothing to help u in this game,,,if u cant figure it out ur S.O.L…..I THINK BUNGIE SHOULD GIVE U A GUIDE FOR THE PRICE OF THIS GAME…ITS ONLY HOURS OF PLAY…..THIS ANT NO 5 DAY GAME….ITS A 6 MOUTH GAME OR LONGER

  18. that is what they need to do !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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