Halloween may have taken place over a month ago but the horror games keep coming! Deep End Games, who are made up of developers from the Bioshock and Dead Space franchises, are working on a creepy first-person horror game: Perception.

There’s already high expectations surrounding the Kickstarter-funded title due to the experienced creators behind it, and today they have released a new gameplay clip as well as some new screenshots through their official Kickstarter website, which you can find below.

Warning: includes an incredibly creepy little girl doll as well as an extremely unnerving drawing of the so-called ‘poppet’.

Perception puts the player in the role of a blind young woman who explores a mysterious mansion using her other heightened senses and ‘echolocation’, which she uses by making sounds to create a picture of her surroundings in her mind.

There’s no official release date for Perception yet, but we’ll keep you up to date with all the news from this exciting project.  In the meantime, you can check out the trailer and some screenshots below and read our interviews with Deep End Games’ Founder and Creative Director Bill Gardner here and here (pardon the formatting errors in these two interviews, they are a result of different website themes).

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