Shores Unknown

Vallynne has released a teaser trailer for its turn-based, tactical, narrative-driven adventure RPG, Shores Unknown.

The trailer was released on YouTube by the developer who described the vibrant art-design and stylisation to be “rendered in a rich, low-poly aesthetic.”

The teaser trailer (embedded below) showcases the turn-based combat mechanics against humans and beasts, dialogue options with NPCs, and medieval environments, all accompanied by a tribal soundtrack.

According to the game’s Steam page, the indie will entail narrative and decision-driven gameplay mechanics and employ turn-based combat and strategy. The game’s main focal achievement is for players to uptake a sudden and urgent leadership role within a company of heroic mercenaries to fight and survive in pursuit of freedom against the wishes of the crown.

Players can expect to explore the vast mysteries past the “maw of the Murk.” With a freshly recruited loyal team, players must bravely forgo the expansive fog, discover unknown lands, unravel the truth, and establish allegiances. However, not one ship has successfully come back after venturing past the Murk.

Additionally, players can engage in all-out warfare with other armies and go toe-to-toe with epic bosses.

A notable feature is the battle system that is completely gridless and will require players to make thought-provoking strategic advances during the Order Phase. Once players have dictated the tactical decisions to the group, then the Action kicks in and plays out the strategy.

Furthermore, the title offers a vast degree of character customisation. The developer highlighted that the deep customisation system provides in-depth control over each team member’s skills, equipment, and weapons.

The narrative design of Shores Unknown is set in a harsh, monarchy-ruled land that enforces the arbitrary rules utilising a brutal Inquisition. Rumours state that the Inquisition is entirely inescapable. The Murk covers the north of the fantasy environment and the South is where the Empire is, offering a never-ending battle. Both ends of the land enable players to face off with natural and supernatural forces on their perilous adventure.

Shores Unknown is set to be released for Nintendo Switch and PC in the second quarter of 2020. Replying to a comment on YouTube about the upcoming release platforms, the studio said, “We can’t confirm release dates for platforms yet because we’re working through the details, but we’ll hopefully be able to announce soon.”

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