Upcoming indie RPG Shiness: The Lightning Kingdom has received a new trailer that delves into the unique world and gameplay mechanics that the title will offer.

The new trailer introduces the colourful, cel-shaded world of Mahera, which is on the brink of collapse after the world was shattered into a series of skyborne islands. Players take the role of Chado, an anthropomorphic mouse-like creature, and his companions, each of whom have unique abilities that must be utilised in order to progress in both the overworld and combat.

While the overworld exploration is highly reminiscent of other RPGs, with towns to visit, NPCs to talk to, merchants to barter with, dungeons to explore, and secrets to find, the battle system is unique among RPGs. Shiness draws on the long tradition of fighting games, putting players in direct control of the characters to strike, counter, combo, and parry in order to ensure success. The characters’ combat abilities can be expanded by finding or buying parchments, which unlock additional skills.

The video below shows off and explains these systems in more depth:

The game will be the debut effort from French studio, Enigami, which successfully funded the game on Kickstarter back in 2014, before Focus Home Interactive signed on to publish. Despite being in active production since 2013, the project was envisioned more than twenty years ago by the studio’s creative director, Samir Rebib.

OnlySP had the opportunity to go hands-on with the title at E3 last year, and our impressions are available here.

While Shiness: The Lightning Kingdom does not have a confirmed release date, the press release accompanying the video says that it will be available in “just a few weeks” on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

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